Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Real Estate, Retirement and a Really Creepy Story

Real Estate -
On the real estate front we've got pots on all burners at the moment.
Villa Scorpio is on the market and we may just have a deal on the horizon. Probably not to sell, yet but a good deal nonetheless. A couple of guys from San Francisco are here and they love the place but can't come up with all the money to buy. Tomorrow we're going to see if we can come to a deal on them leasing the place for 2 or 3 years to give their business plan a shot. It would be nice for us because we'd be getting half the rent up front and then we could walk off and not have to think about this place for another 2 or 3 years at which point they'd have the option to buy at the current ask.

The Cabras lots are still unsold and we are still having trouble with the Hatfields and McCoys of Cabras coming to an agreement about giving us water (which the state has already told them they are required to do!) There is yet another meeting happening on Friday for the good people to come to an agreement. If it doesn't work out we may have to sell them as dry lots, not the end of the world, but certainly less appealing and therefore less profitable than if they have water.

The Bluff lots are also on the block as of today. We've got a realtor out of Moab who is pricing them (too) high but she sounds confident that this is the best time to try to reel in some tourist dollars and since I'm in no hurry to arrange a trip up there to sort out the black widow infested shed it's fine by me.

And on San Juan Island we're still keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get to the end of the summer with the house we want unsold at which point the bank will come to its senses (as if banks have senses) and lower the price to reflect the real value so that we can go on up and buy it! Well, it doesn't hurt to have a dream right?

Retirement -
No, not mine. My old boss Russell Monaghan is retiring. He was my favorite mentor, a father-figure when I needed one, an outstanding employer and a real friend while I was in college. He so impressed me by his reputation alone that working with him was specifically why I decided to attend that particular college and I didn't regret the decision for a second. He taught so much more than responsible stagecraft. Next week the RATS are holding a gala surprise party for him and I'm kind of sad that I won't be there. Had I not been pregnant wild horses wouldn't have kept me away. It would have been like a high school reunion but better. Alas. I'll send him a note and hope that the party is a roaring success even without me there!

Really Creepy Story -
Our house is right next to a bridge that goes over the cross street (our front door has steps outside that lead right up to the top of the bridge). Well for as long as I've lived here the way to get to the street below the bridge was kitty corner from our house on the other side of the bridge where steps lead down. Anyway, I knew that at some point in the past there had been steps going down to the other street just directly across the street from our front door. Two days ago for some reason they started opening them back up again. I have no idea what inspired the reopening, the new administration has just been all about roadwork recently. Anyway, last night dh told me that another local (dh has been coming here since '75) reminded him of why the stairs had been closed up in the first place. You know why?

Someone saw the devil on them!!! Yeesh!
So today he asked the oldsters working on the disinterment about whether they knew the story and they said they didn't. So I'm reassured that if I do use the new stairs when they're ready I won't end up having Rosemary's Baby.