Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slow Cookin'

It seems that in the past week things have slowed down considerably. Oh sure, baby's still growing and kicking, The bunny is still wanting playdates, having occasional meltdowns, dh and I are still working on our life together, trying to weed out the roots of discontent and marital mismanagement and get on to a fresher stronger base, we're still trying to sell the B&B and also our lots in Utah and keeping tabs on progress with our lots in Cabras. But it all feels like slow motion this week.
I guess I need to focus on enjoying the slowdown. Inevitably life will pick up speed again any minute and if I let these quiet moments slip past without savoring them I'll regret it as soon as it is too late.
I have noticed that in this period I'm noticing the things here that I will miss when we leave Mexico. I will miss the little shops that I can find just what I need in. The butcher who will cut my meat however I like it, the fruit place that always has nice fresh produce and an interesting selection, the chicken lady (rumored to have organic chicken though I've never asked to verify).
The things I won't miss are all still out there too. The fumes, the traffic, the baby boomers starting fresh and acting stupid, the illogic, the immigrant veil over everything I do.
But today I'm going to go visit my favorite shops, walk slowly and enjoy the slow overcast morning while it lasts.