Saturday, June 16, 2007

I still haven't talked to my OB in person yet and now it's the weekend but I do feel like I have a good plan.

I had a really nice birthday tea with my dear friend/midwife/doula/guru-of-all-things-childbirthy. She has been my guide and companion ever since I was pregnant with the bunny and she's a huge source of support and comfort now. Anyway, we both feel good about asking la doctora to go ahead with the steroids to help baby's lungs mature more quickly starting at 29 weeks. That way, should baby need to come early due to induction or even just preterm labor which is a consequence of ICP, she'll be more ready. Also, seeing as preterm labor is a typical problem with ICP we speculated that me thinking positively about her being born safely, naturally and early could really help. With Wendy my only concern was that she come late. For many reasons I didn't feel ready for her so I honestly had focused all my attention and intention towards going a week or more past her due date (The bunny had been 10 days late so it never occurred to me that there was any risk to that). Wendy was born a week early anyway. I wonder now if I somehow managed to keep her in longer than she would have stayed had I just been a non-freaked out mother.
In any case, I am completely confident that my body will work well to get baby out safely, even if it means using some otherwise scary sounding induction methods. I'll start out with all the natural tools, raspberry leaf tea, sex, evening primrose oil, calluphylum chochos, affirmations (I will deliver this baby safely and naturally without stress). Then hopefully all of that will get my cervix into shape to let baby through at 37 weeks. I need to do some more research on cytotec and pitocin and I also need to open my mind to the possibility of a cesarean, though that seems somehow far fetched in light of how efficiently my body has worked the past two times.

The other happening this weekend is that dh and I have agreed that the Bunny's therapist isn't cutting it. She told me that her approach is to sit quietly while the child plays with art materials and now and then she'll toss out a suggestion or a question. However, in practice it seems unbearably silent. She doesn't even seem engaged. Dh went yesterday and reported that when bunny brought up having a nightmare the night before the therapist didn't even follow up on it with any questions!!! That sounds like a wide open door to me, and if she couldn't be bothered to walk though, well, time to move on.