Monday, June 18, 2007

The plan approved

Alrighty! I finally got in to see my OB face to face today.
The receptionist was going to offer me an appointment in July at first but when I said I was having symptoms of the disease that killed my last baby and she suddenly had an opening in 30 minutes! I've never been a high maintenance patient in my life so I don't feel bad getting a little pushy now. My doc was totally nice though, she spent 45 minutes talking with me, did an ultrasound (I cannot believe how much I have mellowed on that!). I told her that I wanted to go ahead and start the course of steroids at 29 weeks to prep baby's lungs in case of pre-term labor and then go ahead and plan to induce at 36 weeks. She agreed, compromising at 37 weeks and scheduled us for weekly non-stress tests starting Aug 1. I told her about Wendy being born at 39 weeks despite all my hopes and intention that she stay in longer and I was relieved to see that she didn't look at me like she thought I was crazy, she said I had a valid concern about preterm labor with that as background. Phew.

If the symptoms subside and my tests stay normal I figure we can always make the decision later to put off induction but I feel so much more comfortable having the plan in place to get this little girl out early. I looked at the calendar again when I got home and I see that August 28 is the full moon. The doctor wants to aim for the 29th or 30th so that all seems to be auspicious timing!

The only bummer is that Cytotec is the preferred method for inductions here. From what I've read it sounds pretty scary but I've got high hopes that if I do all the other natural induction preps first it may not even be necessary when we get to that point. But she did say she'd only use a half a tablet to get things going and keep a close eye on me. She also apologized for bringing up the lotion but said that in case I'm itchy for any other reason it might help.

Other good news today is that A has agreed to take over the bunny's therapy. It's a perfect fit I think. She knows all about the bunny having been in her life since the minute she was born and dd loves her. In fact, the main nice thing the bunny would ever say about her therapist was that she was kind of like A! So we've still got to work out a schedule but the bunnywas very excited to hear about the new plan when I told her.

Other things swirling around in the grey matter today:

Hey, why shouldn't I spell grey "grey"? That's an accepted spelling isn't it?
Made a soup from scratch that perhaps for the first time in my life tasted really flavorful and yummy.
Put the Bluff lots on the market. Our timing sucks, I know.
Had a good piano lesson, the bunny was especially attentive and upbeat for it.
Baby is breech at the moment which explains the incredibly uncomfortable poking in my side last night, a foot where her head usually is.
The bunny has another loose tooth.
Our camera broke. :( Thus the annoying lack of pictures on my very plain blog.