Saturday, May 24, 2008

Progress report

Getting loaded and unloaded

Starting point

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hold Up Pony!

Okay so I'm calling a full stop for myself today.
Yesterday I never made it to the shower since the moment I opened my eyes I was on - I know everyone with kids knows exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway, fast forward to 4:45, we're at the supermarket and we see our realtor across the produce section. We've been wanting to invite her and her husband over for a meal to thank them for all the work they did cleaning up this house for us. So anyway, I notice she is doing that thing you do when you're sort of hoping to avoid someone, kind of pointedly looking in the opposite direction like you are totally focused on the beets. Well, had I been alone I would have taken the hint and gone on my way but since the Bunny was shouting "D! D! Over here!" I went ahead with Plan A. So she seemed happy enough to say hi but when I invited her for dinner on Friday she looked truly alarmed and asked, like 5 times, "Are you [I]sure [/I]you're up to it?"

Well. When we got home I thought I'd install this mirror that has been hanging around on the floor for three weeks and when I did, well I would have been trying to avoid me too.


I looked completely insane. An escapee off my meds. My glasses (hadn't had a chance to put in contacts) were crooked and smudged, my hair (unwashed in 4 days? 5 days?) was up in a ponytail but with frizzy bits popping up and away all over making my look electrocuted. My old maternity t-shirt was sporting a big ole coffee stain right over the belly and my muffin toppin' gut was giving it that special silhouette. My jeans were hanging off in that snoop dog way and my fleece vest looked about three sizes too small over it all. And the worst part is that neither dh nor dd1 (our resident fashionista) had bothered to say anything to me before letting me out in public! Maybe I've set my bar so low they didn't realize I'd crossed into the danger zone. So today I am dedicating to showering (check), taming the eyebrows, and tracking down all the clothes that are just plain appalling and turning them into rags. And tomorrow I'm going for Farm Wife Cinderella so our friend can relax and enjoy her food without wondering if she's somehow enabling a nervous breakdown by coming to dinner!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dingo Meet-up!

Sparkletruck and Plady meet-up!
ABQ 4-10-08