Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The maids Mex'n out

Well an opportunity for our maids has just fallen in our laps! A friend of ours who is a single mother is looking for a full-time maid/nanny for her daughter. We know it is a long term position and we know the house and the kid. The wage is the same, the hours are the same and she is looking to start someone almost immediately. She also would like to hire someone with a reference since she has had many many people in this position over the past 6 years that we've known her. So, we told the maids about it and let them know that regardless of this one of them will have to be let go in August no matter what.

Now, call me crazy but if I just heard I had a one and three chance of losing my job in two months but that there was a good job opening available if I wanted to take it now, I'd be on that phone to get an interview. But so far, no one has called our friend. Are they paralyzed by denial that this gig is ending? Or what? They can't have been too surprised, we're obviously slowing things down dramatically and there's barely enough to keep the three of them busy for half of their hours. anyway, I told them all again today that they'd better hup to and have an interview. I even told them they could take any time away from here to do it. Now I guess I'll just cross my fingers that they don't mex out on this and miss it.