Sunday, June 3, 2007

Halfway to 70 baby! Woohoo!

Happy birthday to me!

I'm a little at a loss for profound thoughts even though I should be old enough by now. Many of my past birthdays have been fraught with high and unmet expectations of great gifts and romantic surprises. This year I've either been more realistic or less insane. I guess that boils down to the same thing but I'm sitting here with nothing to unwrap except for a sweet card from dh and I don't feel neglected, forgotten. dismissed or angry. I am just happy to have a day off with dd and dh and little baby kicking around in my belly to remind me that she's doing fine. Prompted by my mother who always wants to make a big deal of birthdays I gave quite a lot of thought to what I wanted for my birthday but I can honestly say that this year I just want a happy peaceful family. There is no thing that I want or need, I just want this baby to stay healthy, I want dd to heal her emotional wounds brought on by the tragedies she's seen and any mis-parenting dh and I may have done and I want dh and I to continue to learn how to be gentle with each other and help each other to be comfortable in our world even though we each need different things.
So, I guess I do have some high hopes but this year I'm pretty sure they are not unrealistic and it feels really good to be 35.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Penelope!! Enjoy each moment :)

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday mama! I hope all your dreams for 35 come true.