Sunday, July 1, 2007

White Rabbits Before Breakfast!

Happy July!

8 weeks to go before we meet baby!
This week's pregnancy saga: finding out that multiple courses of steroids are *not* recommended by the NIH or the ACOG, but *have been* recommended by my OB! Big sigh with me friends. Argh.
So, this week's fun agenda task is telling my oh so sweet and thus far accommodating OB that I'll be blowing off her instructions to start getting steroid shots and waiting until week 33 to have a single course instead. Fun fun. I will go and have my blood test done and I will go and get my liver ultrasound. And I will continue keeping up with the supplements, water intake and sporadic itching.

Our possible sale/lease fell through on this place. But we may have a light at the end of the tunnel on Cabras! And, the place we want on San Juan Island has had a modest price reduction. Laughable as it is still overpriced by a solid 100k but going in the right direction. And we're still crossing our fingers that nobody else will appreciate its diamond-in-the-roughness and it will languish unsold through to the fall.

The bunny had her end of year show at school which was overlong and included a skit about discrimination with MLK done in blackface. Nice. I had no last minute nostalgia, just a desire to hightail it outta there and to not look back.

Looking ahead to this week's events I'm anticipating calls from my mom. She has been with my brother in England for the past two weeks and had gotten the news that she lost her job the day before she left. Apparently she's been sick for her entire visit, no surprise there after years of pent up bad feelings in her difficult job. She called and left two messages asking me to return her call. Unfortunately that was pretty much the last thing I felt like doing. My brother had let loose with some seriously offensive crazy stuff which highlighted a deep seated resentment of me and dh way back in February. Though he did send an eloquently worded apology he then explained to my dad that he's still pissed at me. So in my mind that basically negates the apology. He has always enjoyed writing opinion pieces intended to sway audiences and this was just another opportunity for him to try to play it. Not happening. I have too many other more important things to concern myself with these days. So, no call back to mom. I just didn't feel like dealing with the inherent awkwardness of getting him on the phone. That and the fact that the only place I have his current home number is in those incredibly offensive emails and would inevitably reread the trash talk if I went to find the number. Sooo, long story short, if she does get home I expect to have to go over all of that with her, listen to her appeals for family unity (though they clearly have fallen on deaf ears over there) and then sidestep any implication that she's welcome to come live with us as she is undoubtedly headed for hard times ahead.
I must sound so cold. But, if there's anything I learned this past year it is that opening the door to crazy stuff only makes me feel bad. But it still sucks to have to deal with it.