Monday, March 31, 2008

Okay, time to go.

So I just had yet another confirmation that it is time to repatriate. Today I took the Bunny up to school, it being the first Monday after a two week break and all. We get up there and the only other parent is the woman who we normally car-pool with (who incidentally C and I waited on for 10 minutes before finally deciding to leave this morning ) and who is a recent transplant from Colorado. The headmaster guy comes out with a big smile, oh no! There's no school today! Of course not! We're making up the official holiday that fell on Good Friday this year! Wouldn't want to screw the kids out of an official holiday now would we?
HE thinks it's really funny that we didn't just know. Not that there has ever been a freaking school calendar passed out or anything. Oh right, the day before vacation they probably wrote the notice on the dry erase board they stick at the gate for important notices. And putting up the sign a few days in advance just wouldn't be freaking Mexican!!!!

Okay. Time to go home.

How fun to find that by cutting a pasting my post from the dingo board that the little smileys come too!