Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Body For Life time almost up!

Whew! Well, I have been keeping fairly disciplined with my BFL weight training since December 31. Not too bad, a few missed workouts (all lower body). I have dropped the interval training in favor of a walk and coffee with my buddy and Dh and I have switched over to doing Atkins in the past couple weeks instead. So it isn't all quite as focused as I had envisioned when I began but considering all the rest of the things happening around here I'm not really worried. I've gotten back into the skinnier of the jeans I was in pre-Ali G and that was really where I wanted to be by now. SO success! I did just find my workout journal from the Spring of 2005, pre-Wendy pregnancy and I can see that I was significantly fitter. So that gives me a nice solid goal to continue working towards. I remember that I felt really fit and comfortable in my skin those days and I recall that size 8 is the easiest size to find good deals on at thrift shops. But for now I'm cool.

Last week I threw some push-ups back into my workout and I was frankly astonished at how many muscles I could feel recovering from them a couple days later. Yesterday I tried to repeat the same sets but had to resort to girlie push-ups. In any case, today in the NY Times I saw this article. I gave myself the test, counting up to 35 (and doing girlie push-ups since there's no extra credit for doing *real* ones.. I figured that if someone was holding a gun to my head I could do some more without pausing but it seemed like a fair place to stop for a baseline. My score was 78 and considered "good". I'm cool with that too! I do love these quantitative fitness tests (at least when I pass! lol)