Sunday, March 30, 2008

Before and After

Before - December 31 2007

After - March 30 2008

Well, there it is. It's not quite as dramatic a transformation as I'd dared to hope but the past four weeks have been far less conducive to focused body work than I'd planned. Between the drama of finding renters, the massive upheaval of our kitchens, the long weekend in Mexico City and just that general sense of stress and urgency about packing, sorting and procrastinating, I'm totally okay with where I made it. I've got if not a lovely wardrobe at least a functional one.

And so the plan from here is to fit in some runs when I can, walk when I can, and if I ever find my fricking yoga mat, keep up with push-ups, crunches and stretching. I know my sanity will hinge on it as we start our slow move northward (in 8 days).

Now back to our scheduled freaking.
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Monica said...

You look beautiful, sister! Great work so far. Now lets see ya flex. ;-)

Penelope said...

lol okay, that'll be the pose for my next round!

g. said...

WOW! you look awesome. i'm very impressed.

macgreen said...

I don't know what's more impressive: your amazing commitment to personal fitness, your fabulous success, or your stark fearlessness. Congrats my friend!