Friday, March 28, 2008

10 Days left!


The good news is, we have finally found the perfect renter!
She is single, no pets, a landlord herself, retired from a mechanical drafting career. She seems totally sane, very calm, realistic and wouldn't you know it but she lost a baby at birth too. There sure are a lot of us out there.

So that's a huge load off. Oddly once the deal was done although I feel great about our renters (the other one is a single guy with no pets) I didn't feel the elation I'd expected, I felt sort of depleted and weak. I almost thought I was catching something but I feel fine this morning, I'm just up two hours earlier than normal trying to get my head around the next steps in the process of uprooting our life and moving it into the great unknown.

The Bunny is freaking. She has finally opened the floodgates and she claims that she's not going. Poor little kid. Dh and are trying to just be with her, we know we can't reassure her much more so we're taking the only other option which is to just try to be very present.

Ali G is doing great. She of course is oblivious to the big changes happening around her but she's prepping up a couple of teeth to pop out when we all load up to head north. But she is super sweet. I really would never have dared hope that we could have another baby as sweet and easy as the Bunny had been but we got one!
So, even though my brain is teeming with things I'd like to write, now that I'm here I can't think of anything! Argh.

Well, I'll be back, next time with more pictures and maybe even some deep thoughts.


Christene said...

Hi Penelope,
I remember my first move too, and all the other moves. I must have been almost four the first time. I remember asking my dad if we would ever go back and trying to count the days to when we would return. Then at the end of what I thought was 3 months I asked if it was time to go now? Keep on being there for her, it sounds like you are doing a great job! You could try to telling her the those homes you are leaving will not disappear once you leave, that they will always be a part of her and that you will be back for visits. Once she makes new friends and starts to discover her new world she will adjust. I did, many times. Keep on being patient and keep on listening like you are.

Penelope said...

Thanks for sharing that. 'm very interested in what others remember about moving as a kid. I only did it once and it was a pretty easy one.