Friday, November 14, 2008

Status Update

Marathon training is going well! I went out with the women's running group yesterday and we did 3.7 miles in about 40 minutes, much faster than I would have done it on my own, and farther than was on my training schedule too! And I felt good. We ran a couple real hills and I managed to keep up and keep running. I'm sure it's premature to judge but so far so good.

The girls are both doing well. The Bunny was tapped to be in a reader's theatre presentation for the kindergartners yesterday and was pleased that the rest of us all showed up to see. She also tested for her low yellow belt in TKD on Wed. I hope she passes but she hasn't made up her mind whether or not to continue with it. I hope she does of course, I have been so impressed with the kids who are testing to be black belts. They have such incredible poise and confidence. Our favorite girl just made a huge mistake of judgement but unlike what I'd expect of a normal 13 year old, not only did she confess to me what she had done to explain why she won't be available for babysitting for 6 months to a year, but she asked me to forgive her and expressed her hope that my opinion of her was not irreprably damaged. Considering her infraction I think all the more highly of her for her mature way of admitting fault and accepting consequences. A lot of adults could take a lesson from her.
But to get back to the Bunny, she knows she'll have to pick an activity to fill in the gap if she does drop TKD and so dh and I are hoping that her decision won't create any massive transportation complications.

Ali G is doing well too. She is walking and chatting up a storm. Her words are getting closer and closer to what she is trying to say. She is such a sweet little kid . Her default setting is happy optimism and she is calm and comfortable with or without me, a huge difference between her and her sister. During the testing she watched the activity on the mat until a mother picked her up out of her backpack seat and then she spent the rest of the time investigating the contents of bags and packs and being generally charming.

So, that's the update for now. Next week we go to St. Louis to introduce Ali G to her other grandma and then up to Madison to see Dad and spend Thanksgiving.

Time to get some tidying done.