Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ready to Go

Every morning as I drive dd to school I end up with a mild strain of road rage. Whether it is the guy in the Excursion who takes up even more of the narrow street than he needs, the pedestrians who NEVER look before wandering into the road, the traffic cop who is randomly waving a red rag and effectively making an intersection even more unpredictable and dangerous, the madness of setting up for a left turn across traffic when my signal means both "I'm turning left" and "Come around, it's safe to pass" or the dump truck/bus/car that is spewing the most noxious fumes imaginable I am guaranteed to finish the trip with extra adrenaline pumping through my veins.
Yesterday I found myself fuming figuratively and literally that one of the Bunny's friend's parents hadn't ever offered to carpool to the girls' swimming lesson. Because of road construction (another irritant) it is an even longer drive from school to the pool. When we first started the classes I suggested we carpool. I followed up by offering to do the first trip which they happily accepted. And that was that. Yesterday I ended up following the father into the school parking lot, picked up our girls simultaneously and then continued to drive behind him the whole 12 miles to the pool.
It just pissed me off so much. How hard would it be to alternate? I'd be overjoyed to not have to make that trip every other week. Wouldn't you?


Kristin said...

I was just reading a book that described an introvert as someone who, "would rather clean the toilet with his own toothbrush than call up someone they didn't know." I recalled that as I read your post and also thought to myself no way in hell would dh ever organize a car pool. He'd participate, but not organize.

Penelope said...

:) That's quite an image! But yeah, I can get that way too.