Thursday, February 21, 2008


That's today's feel.
I feel stalled on my exercise and energy. I mentioned that I've started back on Atkins right? Well, I'm in ketosis, that nirvana state of burning my very own fat to power my bod. Only the bod doesn't want to be powered. It wants to sleep. Or maybe practice the piano. Or really, go watch Oprah or Ellen or whatever late afternoon talk show is on cable. But Ali G is sleeping too close to the TV and too far away from the piano and Auggie is upstairs dismantling the birdcage (bye bye Birdie! Beaker all gone!). So, here I continue to sit in the vortex of my office chair. I did try out a new ab routine. I couldn't decide if they were totally kicking my ass or if my muscles are still so overstretched and numb that I couldn't do them right. I stretched a little and it was excruciating. The sciatica in my right foot seems to be contagious, I could swear I'm feeling that tingle in my left one too now. And that lower back pain is freaking killing me. I can't stand up straight for like 3 minutes every time I try. Fuck!
I suppose I also have PMS. If I didn't know I was in fat-burning mode I might convince myself that some sweet coffee thing would help my mood. But I don't want to blow the last three days of carb-free eating just because I'm feeling pissy.
Bitch Moan Bitch Moan Bitch Moan. Whatever, it's my blog.

Oh, and the latest HOT LEAD on selling this white elephant of a house is definitely not interested. They wanted a colonial in centro only not this colonial and not this centro. Whatever.