Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Forward Motion Returns

We finally have Ali G's birth certificate ! Once we'd gathered all the documents that were required it was actually pretty efficient. We got the paperwork approved one day and typed up and stamped the next. And nobody noticed that my immigration papers have expired.
And I also got a nice long morning in with my friend and we tried out the newest coffee place in town which turned out to be great. Awesome omelette, awesome french press. Mmmmmm. Definitely going back, certainly before Starbucks arrives - two blocks from our house! No, I am happy that Starbucks is coming. Why? Shouldn't I be a knee-jerk anti-chainista? Well, depends on the chain. I don't think SB is all that bad in the ethics and service and raping the planet way. And they've got a much more sophisticated approach to selling coffee than the local places here do. I took dd out for a coffee one day recently and we literally had to order 4 times because the lady making the coffee didn't approve of her having one (or something, but I think that was it). Anyway, I'm all for small businesses but it won't be just because of the big name if they fail in SB's wake. After all, Subway came and got their ass kicked by the awesome torta shops in town. It can go either way.
Anyway. Today I tried to break my bad workout juju. I was poised to blow off yet another lower body weight training session, for some reason they don't interest me the way upper body workouts do. I thought that instead (lame but not total surrender to inertia) I'd go to the track and walk with my buddy. Walking + talking = a real workout right? But once that was done I thought about what a total loser I'd be if I left it at that, and thought about things that are really a lot harder to do than driving oneself to the gym and pushing some weights around. And, inspired by that thought I did it. The gym was chock-full of Gay Boy and Geezers today. And poodles. What is up with poodle (the little kick-me kind) owners thinking that it's cool to bring their dogs everywhere? I don't really mind the dogs, it's just that wafting smell of entitlement coming off the crotchety old owner who also happens to be hogging (not using) the seated hamstring curl machine. It's one of those times when I wish I had my dog and I wish she ate little kick-me poodles.
Okay, Ali G is all set with waiting for me. Time to cruise.


Monica said...

I blow off my lower body workouts, too! Isn't that crazy? I don't skip upper body, but I'll pass right over lower. I guess it just isn't as much fun or something.

macgreen said...

Just read this today (3/6) and I had to say I laughed out loud in the office. Startled my colleague.

XO, Jen