Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October's here!

So, Xoche has been needing to be groomed for a long time. Seriously, this dog has had her feral-looking moments but she's been neglected all summer except for a copuple of hose downs. But she isn't a particularly friendly dog when it's time to pull out all the matted, stinky, burry, stinky old undercoat. Not that I blame her, but if we want to keep our fingers on, she needs to wear this I tried to reassure her that it's very Lady and the Tramp but she wasn't impressed and tried to bite our hands off repeatedly anyway.

In the end we got a lot of fur out of her and she cleaned up nicely. She has actually been in a much better mood since then too, go figure.

In honor of living back in Squashville we've been doing some stuffed squash. I couldn't resist these cute sugar pumpkins and thught they'd make a nice meal. And they did, we polished them off. For real. Okay, I shared mine with Ali G and The Bunny gave a wee bit of hers to Xoche but basically? We're pigs.

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Paul said...

Oh Xoche! You handsome beast!

How about the recipe for the sugar squash?

Penelope said...

Ah, the recipe. It was a made-up-as-I-went-along one for sure. I do recall sauteing onions then maybe stirring in rice, lentils and broth? Lots of cumin and some salt blend maybe? Then I nuked the pumpkins briefly to soften them up a bit, scooped out the innards and then left it all to bake slowly at about 225 for almost 2 hours? Something like that. Oh, I might have had some sausage in this too. I did acorn squash in a similar way a few days before so I might be confusing the two recipes.