Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Cake time again

So the Bunny wanted to go with a Swan Lake theme birthday again this year. The cake she wanted can be seen here as Swan 03. I took the advice and used Rice Krispie Treats for the neck and head. That worked great and I might just turn into one of those bizarre people who start sculpting with food.

Anyway, I thought that the initial amount of chocolate cake I had was a little skimpy so I made a batch of brownies hoping to use the gooey center as modeling clay. Well, Duncan Hines disappointed me with its unfudgyness but it still worked to fill in the gaps and give the bird a little more substance.

I also used Nutella as glue and mint flavored dental floss to hold it all together temporarily while the nutella set in te fridge.

Anyway, here are my in process shots. I have to say, although I didn't even think about doing a fancy base until it was quite late in the game, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Of course, it still has to survive in the fridge until tomorrow at about 2 so let's all just cross our fingers, shall we?

I do love cooking.

Hmm, does it look like that goose cookie jar is making eyes at my swan, or am I projecting?

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Gaye said...

WOW, that looks great! I'm super impressed! I have the patience to pipe zillions of stupid little stars on a cake, but no way do I have the artistic ability to sculpt a cake like that!

Katherine said...

What Gaye said, plus I don't have the confidence to try something like that! I am so impressed!!! C will be so proud of her cake!