Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Birthday Raccoon!

Xoche treed this little guy last night for me. She was very proud of herself.

So I'm celebrating this year's birthday with a membership to the TaeKwonDo studio down the street from us. I'm very excited, I've wanted to get involved with a martial art sonce I can remember and I was literally head over heels for a cardio kickboxing class way back in our Deer Creek days. The Bunny was so impressed by my new Gi (sp?) that she wants to join too. If only I could get dh to start we'd be like the Incredibles. lol
Other than the birthday punching and kicking, I feel like I'm making some headway on making friends. I went on a SeeMommyRun walk yesterday with a nice woman (who also is into TKD incidentally and who encouraged me to start, I bow to her in gratitude for being my catalyst!). She also pointed me toward a Mommy-Baby group that sounds cool. I'm missing today's group at this very moment because Ali G crashed out 10 minutes before it was time to leave and it's raining unusually hard. So, you know, you can't do everything at once. But it's okay. I met another mom who had 9 month old boy twins (who were standing and crawling!! Ali G look away!) at the library and we commiserated about 10:30 being right in the middle of nap time. But there is also a family music class on Thursdays that sounds cool and she invited us to a potluck at her house after this week's class so I'm going to try to hit that with the family in tow, dh too. Poor guy, he's got terrible allergies! I'm praying that they are being brought on by some short-lived pollen and not the house! Please god don't let him be allergic to the house itself! That possibility is too dreadful to consider honestly. This place is my dream home, I would be too sad to discover that it's uninhabitable for dh.
What else? I've volunteered to join a Relay For Life team. I don't know much more then that it is an all-night event and the point is to raise money for cancer research but it sounds like the kind of event that would attract kind and interesting people so, I'll give it a go.

So, that's the update for Birthday 2008. Now it's time to get back to regularly scheduled life, folding laundry washing dishes. Ahh, I love it!
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