Friday, June 6, 2008


Well,yesterday we had an interesting time. We met some really nice people and joined in a couple of crazy-happy community events, a toddler and baby hour at the library and a music class for families that was too cute for words, think an aging baby boomer with a guitar, a magic wand and a floorful of kids between 6 months and 6 years old all singing and dancing together. We also got invited to a potluck after the music class which gave us a chance to see some islanders in their natural setting and it was completely pleasant.

We also heard that there were once stickers on every window of our house warning people about the toxic mold growing inside. Stickers? Not when we came to see it! Now the reluctance of our realtor (and her above-and-beyond cleanup before our arrival) and the acceptance of our super-low offer are beginning to make more sense. Well, we knew there was mold in the house, we could see it after all. And we knew we were taking a gamble by not having an inspection done before we bought the place. So... here we are, freaked out afresh about the mold but a little more determined to eradicate it. But overall, it was a great day. I felt right at home with the couples we met, I finally feel like I've found my peer group. Not just a few like minded loners but an actual pool of people who are just like me. They shop at the thrift store, strive for natural births, try to fork out the money for organic stuff, use cloth diapers, like potlucks, wear fleece and tevas, you know what I mean and you know who you are! Anyway, it's not like I'm the last of some dying breed but everywhere I see a mother with a baby on this island (and I see them EVERYWHERE) I see someone who looks familiar enough that I ignore my shy self and strike up conversations. I haven't felt this outgoing since I started at RIC, and that was great too.

Here are my favorite girls. Ali G can finally sit on her own and she loves it. The Bunny also is loving that her little sister is finally getting big enough to be more interactive (though there are still the flashes of jealousy.)

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