Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Remember The Facts of Life?

Well, I have a vague memory of it being the kind of show my parents didn't let me watch but which I occasionally glimpsed at friend's houses. Something about Mrs. Huffnagle and Linda Blair? Am I making that all up? I'll have to check.(*ETA Mrs Hufnagle was a character on St. Elsewhere, a show I never watched and of course, Linda Blair was The Exorcist girl) In any case, we're now all hot on the possibility of turning this place his is as yet unsold and unrented!) into a boarding house for the type of single lady that tends to visit SMA on her own post-divorce/midlife crisis/revelation/reading of Eat Love Pray (okay, not fair, I haven't read it, I hear it can be life altering, I'm just sick of baby boomers telling every other generation that they 'get it' in a way that no one else does).
Anyway, a good friend of ours needs a new gig and loves it down here so she's mulling over the idea of running this place as some sort of boarding house.

Now I'm going to see how using bean puree in morning glory muffins tastes. I'll report back if it's any good!