Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boy time flies these days. I suppose that is always the case when you've got a deadline looming though.
Last week we held a 'garage' sale which helped us turn quite a lot of junk into money. We also had lots of stuff to donate so I feel like our karma came through okay too. I had felt a little weird about selling things in a place where so many people need so much but I guess we won't go directly to hell just for trying to recoup a little money for things rich gringas want.
It is nice to have some cleared spaces throughout the house too. For a while there the sheer volume of knickknacks around here was making me feel fairly anxious.

The Bunny is still feeling uneasy. On Friday dh had a talk with her after I came home in a fit over the firewall of negativity she'd been presenting. I was just full up on it and at a complete loss as to how to get someone to look on the bright side when they are determined not to. I'm not sure what he said, but it seems to be helping.

This weekend marks the second anniversary of our daughter Wendy's birth. The second is actually a holiday here celebrating the return of spring. Rebirth as it were. Wendy's coming and going certainly did mark a rebirth for me, one for which I will be forever grateful. I often think that that was her purpose. She didn't need a whole lifetime to achieve her goal. She was a short sharp shock. When I dare to ask myself if I would change anything I have to face the truth that I wouldn't. I don't care to imagine how life would have unfolded otherwise and I don't see that it would have been very likely to have it both ways. So there it is.