Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hm, I don't know why formatting this thing is so hard for me. Sorry. I want to have an awesomely clean layout but it just isn't happeninging and considering how long it takes me to post anything at all I don't see much hope for me figuring it out. Whatever. These are some recent pix. The last one is based on an idea stolen from Monica's blog. It's just me (and my lap monkey) unedited taken off the cuff. That's how we often are, unedited. Well, mostly unedited, I cropped my fuzzy arm a bit. Did I ruin the meme?
I love the poppies, these guys have survived however many mowings of the lawn and they are just as red and bold as can be. And every single time I look at them I think of Afganistan. But really, wouldn't anyone?
So we've been working on finding a babysitter to come on out and play with Ali G each weekday so dhand I can get down to business. I mean seriously. We started that deck in June. It will be October on Wednesday. October people. It'sa deck. How much longer can we freaking take? So we found a girl who has come out. She's okay. At first I was kind of psyched about her but on second thought she seems a little depressed. And she doesn't have a car. And she's not really into riding her bike in the rain. Well I don't blame her of course but I don't want to pay for a cab every time and I don't want to cancel out everytime either. So she may not work out. But I'm hoping for sun until we can get the deck decked, we're actually doing that now. It shouldn't really be that much longer.
The good news, we are making friends! real friends, the kind you really like and have things in common with and want to have more things in common with. It's so nice and happy feeling. One new friend dropped by this evening to bring us a pan of vietnamese grilled pork. It was awesome. What faster way to a porkatarian's heart thanthat? I ask you? Another friend has signed up to be a classroom volunteer at the same time as me each week! Yay! A playmate of my own! And I have two more mommy friends who I just need to follow up with, one has a little girl who is just a few months younger than Wendy would be. She is a cute little girl and I like being around her. And the other mommy also has a little one and some older ones and so we have a lot of those 'oh yeah, I know what you mean' moments that help set up friendships. I do see the other crowd that we were first flirting with bak in the spring. I get a strange vibe from them now. I guess I blew my chances with them for the most part. My schedule just doesn't jibe with theirs really and they're all on the first little ones so maybe my parenting style doesn't synch with theirs really either. My challenge isn't figuring out what thebaby will do next so much as how to enjoy that without missing out on the Bunny's life at the same time.
What else? We lost one tenant in Mexico. Another has bought a house and so won't be renewing his lease. The third wants a pet. I say, have a dog if it will keep you around. I dread having to look for tenants again and from afar.
I've been fighting a cold - successfully I think. I've got that nasty old cough happening but it doesn't seem to slow me down too much. But I've gotten stung twice this week by our overly aggressive yellow jackets and in a surprising turn, I'm reacting rather dramatically to the stings nowadays. Both areas went from little raised bump to massive raised red bumpy itchy ugly welt. THe one on my leg feels like a combination burn bruise and chickenpox. What's up with that? The swelling is literally six inches wide. Should I be thinking epi pen? I'm so disappointed too since I've always been a champion of wasp's rights.
Speaking of wasps. I'm really enjoying the episcopal church we've been going to for a couple months ow. I like the priest (ahem, priest in charge) and the congregation is nice and welcoming and not too old. They sing a lot, they've got a great kids area and a nice feast after the service (no donuts), the Bunny loves Sunday School or Godly Play as it's called but which sounds way to pervy to me, and I'm having a great time getting the historical background on all the readings that I'veheard all my life but which never meant anything because I never bothered to look up and nobody else ever bothered to mention stuff like who the corinthians were (nothing to do with leather) or what types of tribalism was being shaken up by Jesus's new ideas.
So anyway, it's kind of fun. Now I hear Ali G awake for the 6th time tonight, it must be another tooth coming in so we'll call it a night down here.

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