Monday, August 6, 2007

Countdown is on!

Whew. 3 weeks and a few days before it's Baby Time!

And within that we've got one last week of full occupancy, we have to make a final decision about where Chiara should start the school year, we're up in the air about when and whether to bother moving to the country and today Nick is having big second thoughts about where to move too! Ijole!

We just gave Maru her two weeks' notice which was sad. We also told Lupe and Alicia to decide whether they prefer to split the remaining position or have one of them take their severance and try to find a new full-time job. I don't envy anyone. As irritated as I've been with them in the past few months, they each have been a part of this home and it's sad to get to the end of the road, regardless of how inevitable it's been. Maru asked if she could come and meet the new baby. Of course. Blah, this is the part that sucks.

Other than all that, dh and I have agreed to rewrite our wedding vows to celebrate our 9th anniversary this Wednesday. We haven't set aside time to do it yet but he did make sure to get a babysitter. That's a pretty big step, and I'm feeling very warm and squishy about it.

I also have to write down a birth plan in the probably vain hope that it might have some influence over how my hospital experience flows. At the very least I need a list of questions about what is normal operating procedure here. The trick is that I haven't got the hang of asking the questions in a completely neutral way. My bias is obvious by the very nature of the questions. I don't want to start off seeming combative but I certainly don't want to agree to things I could avoid just to be likable either.

At least I've been getting a bit of nesting accomplished. I'm suddenly full of ideas about things to cook and freeze and stock and prepare and I've been doing it too! And, so saying I feel like I'd better get going and start crossing some more things off of the list!


Kristin said...

my experience with birth plans, your mileage may vary:

baby #1 I had a birth plan. I shared it with the hospital and my doc. It was a written piece in my file. By golly we stuck with that damn birth plan right up to the pushing for several hours with no baby and mama getting tired. c-section ensued. (as dh likes to say Erin came out the side door). Mama and Baby were both healthy, recovery was loooong.

baby #2 -- wrote birth plan. discussed birth plan with those who would be in attendance with birth. viewed birth plan as a guideline more than exactly how it was all going to go. But I strongly felt that I'd rather deviate slightly from birth plan than be forced to abandon plan at the last minute. So....I didn't put it in my file. Just discussed with doc, dh and my doula.

Baby came out the front door. Mama was healthy, baby was healthy. Aside from a long labor I was pleased as peaches.

I now recommend one writes a birth plan as teacher writes a lesson plan. Things don't always go according to plan, but you have a vague idea of how you'll get there. Helpful to share said lesson plan with those who might advocate for you (dh, doula, etc.) so that in the event you are not able to make decisions they can.